How a Whacky Idea Got the World Talking

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KFC Japan’s Bath Bomb Case Study.

Back last Christmas KFC in Japan launched – shall we say- a unique Christmas campaign offering consumer’s KFC Fried Chicken Bath Bombs.


Yes, we know, the end of that sentence is a lot to wrap your head around – but basically, the chain gave away a chicken-shaped bath bomb that made your water – and presumably you – smell like the Colonel’s secret herbs and spices.

And once submerged in your tub, it turned the water chicken color (not sure there is a crayon for that) and even bubbled to make your water resemble a deep fryer.


At any rate, they’ve recently released a case study of the campaign – so you if you didn’t see the original, you can see it now, as well as how it resonated with Japanese consumers – who have made KFC an integral part of their Christmas since the 1970’s. 

Creative Credits

Agency: Geometry Global Japan & ADK
Geometry Global Japan
Executive Creative Director: Masato Mitsudera
Art Director: Shinmei Yamamoto


Creative Director: Junichiro Yamada, Ken Matsuda
Planner: Makoto Ueda
Strategic Planner: Daisuke Suzuki
Media Planner: Takumi Nagano, Hiroaki Mikami, Yuto Miyazawa, Haru Mitsue
Account Manager: Atsushi Nishikubo
Account Executive: Hiroaki Omi, Keisyu Takahashi, Kei Oshima

Production: Tohokushinsha Film
Producer: Takashi Aso, Yuji Shirakami
Production Manager: Yohei Matsuda

PR: Initial
Yui Komiyama, Hiromi Yamanaka, Aoi Yamazaki

By Bobby McGill for Branding In Asia | May 9, 2018