Get a Magical Fortune from Your Bowl of Lucky Charms™

Red background with rainbow and cell phone showing picture of Lucky Charms cereal in a bowl, along with text that says "Lucky's Charmology: turn every bowl into your own magical fortune"

General Mills has looked to stars (and hearts, horseshoes, clovers and blue moons) for its Lucky Charms to launch a magical, fortune telling experience like no other.  The “Lucky’s Charmology” campaign, developed by VMLY&R Commerce, is a mobile commerce experience that allows consumers to scan their bowl of Lucky Charms cereal to receive a unique reading of what luck their marshmallow charm's magical fortune will bring them that day.

Upon going to, users will scan their cereal bowl with the camera function of a smart phone. The commerce experience will then offer up a personalized fortune based on the magical charms that rise to the top in that particular bowl, such as: “Luck is on your side!” “Big things are coming your way and what you’ve been waiting for will soon be a reality.” "Keep up with the good vibe because that energy is serving as a magnet for luck.”  Each fortune can be shared across social platforms to offer up additional engagement opportunities.

“We wanted to create an exclusive experience to break through with Gen Z in the cereal aisle”, said Graciela Sanchez, Customer Marketing Associate Manager at General Mills for Target. “Our research points to Gen Z and Millennials contributing to the growth of the astrology and mystical reading industry (now topping $1 billion), so embracing the magic of our brand and its distinct charms felt incredibly authentic.”

“Lucky’s Charmology” will also be supported with a social influencer campaign that brings a live “reading” experience to Lucky Charms fans from astrologer influencers Aliza Kelly (Instagram) and Stina Garbis (TikTok) every Friday during the month of May.

“This is a perfect example of the power of creative commerce,” says James Phillips, EVP Executive Creative Director at VMLY&R Commerce. “With Lucky’s Charmology we’re not only amplifying brand love of Lucky Charms through the magical fortunes, but turning every fortune into a repeat usage occasion, and thus, purchase of consumers’ favorite cereal.” 

The cereal bowl scanning technology was developed by the VMLY&R Commerce in-house Tech Lab exclusively for the launch of Lucky’s Charmology. 

“We love how this idea offers a fun, engaging, and exclusive experience for Lucky Charms customers with not only the bowl scanning technology,” says Betsy Reed, Account Director at VMLY&R Commerce, "but also the social commerce extension to drive additional engagement each Friday during the month of May." You can access ‘Lucky’s Charmology’ mobile commerce experience at and get a fortune of your own this May. Live “Charmologists” readings will be held every Friday in May from 5/5-5/26 on Instagram with Kelly and TikTok with Garbis, respectively.