Geometry UK Launches Social Commerce+ Practice in Collaboration with Social.Lab


Partnership opens new doors for brand growth & a more connected consumer experience

We’re delighted to launch Social Commerce+, an innovative new practice designed to help brands accelerate purchase and business growth by connecting commerce to social. The practice combines Geometry’s world class commerce expertise and WPP’s Social.Lab’s social capability, bringing an exciting new offering to market to deliver brand equity and an expansion of commerce moments across consumer social interaction.

Geometry UK CEO Michelle Whelan explained that, “The fast-growing impact of social channels presents the perfect opportunity to place more commerce moments in people’s hands.”

According to Hootsuite, 5.2 billion of people globally own phones, 4.5 billion of which are internet connected, 3.8 billion [49% of the planet’s population] are active social media owners, growing at 9% over the past year. In addition, eMarketer reports that social referral to retail ecommerce sites has grown 110% in two years, outpacing all other referral channels. 

Whelan continued,“TikTok is dabbling in social commerce, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are promoting commerce offerings. Tapping into the escalation of social connection, Geometry’s Social Commerce+ brings rich talent and proprietary intelligence to unlock new opportunities for brands to connect with consumers, across categories and in retail channels.”

Geometry Social Commerce+

For context, social agencies largely use the traditional marketing funnel which drives awareness, often without sales targets briefed in. 

Geometry has broken new ground turning the funnel on its head by identifying business goals from the outset e.g. volume of instore /online sales, subscriptions or footfall, and then calculating the unique blend of channels to deliver those goals. This new practice shifts a model that leverages paid social channels and media buying to one that leverages a broader collection of touch points for incremental reach and conversion.

Supported by a portfolio of proprietary intelligence, data tools and methodologies, Social Commerce+ creates sophisticated strategies with rich insights into competitive brand landscape. It is based at Geometry’s London office for launch, harnessing the power of the agency’s strong digital commerce team bringing a blend of social and commercial strategists, creative, technology and data specialists.

Debbie Ellison, Geometry UK Chief Digital Officer [awarded Industry Influencer in Tech by the global Women in Marketing Awards] leads the new capability for Geometry, working in partnership with James Mulrennan, Social.Lab UK Global Business Director, and supported by Social.Lab co-founder, Yves Baudechon. 

“Whilst social media drives brand awareness, we believe there is no greater way to build brand equity than at point of purchase. By converging brand building, commerce and experience through Social Commerce+, we invite brands to re-evaluate their growth through these channels,” shared Debbie Ellison, Geometry UK Chief Digital Officer.

Yves Baudechon, Social.Lab co-founder concluded, “Social commerce continues to see exponential growth and it makes strategic sense to combine the commerce expertise of Geometry and its deep retail and shopper capabilities with the social expertise of Social.Lab. The new offer will help unlock growth for clients.”

Geometry and Social.Labs are exploring opportunities to scale this offer across markets globally.

The practice is part of a suite capabilities launched by Geometry UK over the past 12 months to accelerate commercial growth for clients. This includes: The Flagship, Amazon Managed Services, Innovation Practice.