Geometry UK Lands IPA Gold for Outstanding Professional Development


Hot on the heels of scoring seven out of ten in the 2019 Campaign School Report, we are delighted to report that Geometry has landed CPD [Continuous Professional Development] Gold Accreditation from the IPA. An agency first.

Elke van Tienen, our HR Director has said: “This is terrific industry recognition of our People First strategy and the extraordinary team pouring energy and passion into making Geometry a unique place to be.”

The IPA Jury noted that “Geometry saw a business issue, found interesting and sensible ways to address it using CPD, with positive and measurable results. A textbook example of what the Gold standard is all about.”

2018 was a significant year for Geometry explains Elke, “In a world that is changing at a pace faster than ever, there will always be something new to learn. It’s critical to ensure that our people are best equipped to face the world of not just today, but for the future too.”

“That’s why we have invested heavily in capability building, developing new tools and platforms, and, have purposefully focused on creating the right environment for everyone to perform to their best.” 

Michelle Whelan, CEO, Geometry UK observed that creating a business culture that focuses on people and their development first is often challenging. She added, “I am very proud of our talent team who are creative and entrepreneurial, and, with limited resources has achieved a culture of learning that’s made such a positive impact on our people and our business. “

Finally, IPA research shows that “Gold” agencies gain increased staff retention, positive perception, higher than average pitch conversion rates, and, increased revenue.