Geometry Takes Advertising Week 2020

Geometry logo with Advertising Week dates

Geometry is pleased to announce the participation of Global CEO Beth Ann Kaminkow, Global CFO/COO Stacey Ryan Cornelius, UK CEO Michelle Whelan, and UK CDO Debbie Ellison, at Advertising Week 2020 (AW2020).

Our event lineup includes:

Retail Reality: Big Bets for the Future

  • Date: Wednesday, Sept 30th @ 6:30am EDT
  • Participants: Beth Ann Kaminkow (Geometry), Lucy Litwack (Coco De Mer), Lena Lewis (Ferrara US) and moderated by Debbie Ellison (Geometry UK)
  • Description: Join us as we discuss the re-imagination of retail at the intersection of Physical, Digital and Social. Today, Commerce is more than the simple transactional exchange of goods and services. Commerce is everywhere and always on—transforming businesses and lives. As the lines between living and buying continue to blur, winning requires a commitment to deeply understanding customers and their full decision journeys, and integrating across. From the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen a rewriting of the rules of retail. This represents a seismic shift in the future of retail as we know it, something that has been in the making for quite some time. Many of us are hoping that there will be an eventual return to normal or even ‘a new normal’, but this is a much bigger inflection point. It will only be the best, brightest and well capitalized retailers and brands that survive, and even thrive, in this future. This discussion will explore ways to put Commerce at the center of all your commercial decisions from the role of the physical store in delivering a new experience to the inclusion of bricks-and-mortar networks in ecommerce delivery to the right product and service mix to meet shifting consumer priorities to the role of automation in the broader value chain and more.

Sharing Is Caring

  • Date: Wednesday, Sept 30th @ 10:30am EDT
  • Participants: Michelle Whelan (Geometry UK), Jaime Peate (McCann Manchester), John Leer (Morning Consult) and Mauro Romano (ArabClicks)
  • Description: How is the retail industry responding to the sharing economy and an audience who owns less and less? Does economic uncertainty mean the new culture of sharing is here to stay?

Laying the Groundwork for Authentic DEI

  • Date: Monday, Oct 5th @ 11:30am EST
  • Participants: Stacey Ryan-Cornelius (Geometry), Robert D. Woodard (ACXIOM) and more to be announced
  • Description: Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is becoming an increasingly valued priority for organizations, today more than ever. Creating a work environment that provides opportunities for unique and authentic collaboration among diverse voices ultimately improves outcomes and positively impacts bottom lines. This session will discuss ways in which the groundwork can be laid for authentic DEI in an organization, and will discuss the results that can come from this commitment.

World Woman Hour: She's My Hero

  • Date: Thursday, Oct 8th @ 1:30pm EDT
  • Participants: Moderated by Beth Ann Kaminkow (Geometry) with Rupa Dash (World Woman Foundation), Shellye Archambeau (Former CEO, Fortune 500 board member, Advisor, Author) and Miri Rodriguez (Microsoft)
  • Description: You don’t need 6 or 17 or 50. You don’t need 18, 19 or 20. You certainly don’t need an army of many…you only need one. We are all trying to find our way in life. But for young women, it’s even harder. Discrimination, sexism, poverty, disability and even just our own sense of self-doubt, can prevent us from following our dreams and achieving our ambitions. However, if we can find just one person, who has overcome one of these things we relate to, it can actually change our path in life. World Woman Hour will celebrate 60 diverse and indestructible women who can do just that. Inspire girls and women around the world to find their true self, be stronger than they realized and overcome whatever they need to, to achieve their dreams. Sit down with Rupa Dash, CEO of World Woman Foundation, and our inspiring women as they share the inspiration of this socially-powered movement telling the stories of 60 heroes to empower the next generation to find their hero.

AW2020 is a reimagined virtual event for a global audience, taking place Sept 29-Oct 8. The agenda is purpose-built to bring the marketing, media, technology, and creative industries together to drive change. Attendees can join senior leaders in productive discussions, learn new skills, network with new business leads, and gain the tools and insights that elevate careers.

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