Geometry Remembers the Holocaust with New Campaign for March of the Living


Geometry Argentina partners with Lungo Films to unveil two film shorts.

The agency has launched a new campaign for March of the Living – “The Present Past”.

Launching April 21, 2020, the campaign unveils two clever film shorts that tap into the viewer’s subconscious.

Seventy-seven years have passed since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and 75 years since the end of World War II. Despite the passage of time though, people remain committed to the memory and the fight against prejudice, discrimination, intolerance and hatred.

“Today more than ever we must fight for a common future, without discrimination and without intolerance. Not forgetting this disastrous part of history allows us to learn to finally end acts of hate,” says Karina Aiello, CEO, Geometry Argentina.

Geometry Argentina CCO Tony Waissman adds, “Being aware of what happened and not forgetting is a job that everyone should do every day. Today we are in the midst of a pandemic, where thousands are dying from a virus, but we must not forget that at that time millions died because of the decision of a crazy few. I hope that this campaign serves as a reminder to all who see it.”

Founded in 1988, March of the Living is an annual educational program that brings together people from all over the world in Poland and Israel with the objective to study the history of the Holocaust and examine the root of prejudice, intolerance and hate before World War II and the creation of the state of Israel. 

“The universal objective of our educational program is to inspire young people to fight against indifference, racism and injustice by witnessing the atrocities of the Shoah [Holocaust] from the extermination camps. We take responsibility for educating by showing the horrors committed by Nazism,” says Alejandra Tolachier, Director, March of The Living Argentina.

Film shorts: