Geometry Launches The Flagship

tv room

We are thrilled and proud to launch The Flagship – an innovative retail environment. 

Based in our London office, the immersive space allows brands and retailers to prototype, test and trial technology that influences shopper behaviour and purchase decisions.

Featuring over 15 types of technology inside a unique 3D, floor to ceiling projection space, we can recreate no less than 140 immersive shopping environments and experiences. If you need to navigate supermarket aisles, browse in a corner shop, a DIY store or even a petrol station forecourt – step right in.
Explains our CEO Michelle Whelan, “The best way to innovate for growth is to experiment. 

The Flagship brings us unique insights into fast-changing customer behaviour, helping us deliver stronger creative, effective business solutions for our clients. It’s the closest thing to reality that exists today”.

The Flagship focuses on crafting seamless digital and physical shopper experiences for the new retail landscape, currently being shaped by the likes of digital-first companies such as Amazon.

Debbie Ellison, our Head of Digital and Flagship champion, observes that according to Google, the omnichannel shopper is worth at least three times than that of the single channel shopper, so the ability to seamlessly merge physical and digital retail is critical if brands are to differentiate and drive growth.
“Our tech partnerships will constantly evolve to make sure that agency insight, creativity and capability all remain future-focused” she added, when speaking about the 15+ shopper and retail technologies curated with disruptors and innovators.

Claire Bheepathee, Retail Communications Manager at HSBC UK is already seeing the benefit. “Customer understanding is the cornerstone to success. Geometry’s Flagship is proving invaluable in testing, at pace, the pre-rollout of our digital-first branches."

The tech collection currently includes heat-mapping; proximity marketing; VR retail with Oculus; gender/emotion/age determination; RFID tech; mixed reality; touch tables; virtual mirror and endless aisle; shelf-monitoring and automated ordering. Partnerships include: ExposureAnalytics; Projection Artworks; Kantar Consulting; Appspace; Iconeme; Apache; EventsTag; VMI; Arcstream; Amazon; Google; HYPERVSN; Magic Mirror; Mishipay; Jaggu; and Twistar.

Please click here to see Debbie’s video interview with Campaign.