Geometry Creative Week Recap: Reimagining the Creative Potential of Commerce

creative week

Last month Geometry’s inaugural Creative Week put a spotlight on creativity as an accelerator of business growth. Taking place during what would have been the original week of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, the content served as a complement to Lions Live as we continued to elevate our commitment to Creative Commerce as the next frontier in media and marketing.

The line-up included agency leaders, award-winning creatives, and some of the brightest and influential minds in the industry, including WPP’s CEO Mark Read and Adrianne C. Smith, Global Director of Inclusion and Diversity; Sean Summers, CMO of Mercado Libre; Jessie Bongiovi, Co-founder of Hampton Water Wine and Per Pedersen, Global Creative Chairman, among others.

Check out our Geometry Creative Week recap of some of the most memorable sessions and takeaways in our search for iconic.