Geometry Continues Award Winning Streak


Argentina ranks 5th at El Diente Festival, garnering 20+ awards.

Geometry, WPP’s End-to-End Creative Commerce Agency, has garnered 20+ awards at the El Diente Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the most important creative festival in the country. The agency collected 5 Gold, 7 Silver, 8 Bronze and 5 Finalists for their work with Volkswagen, Cinemark Hoyts and Osde.

Their multi award-winning work for Cinemark Hoyts’ “Robot” and Volkswagen’s “The Sand Ad”, "Fabric" and “Ups and Downs” were again recognized with multiple wins throughout the night. The wins gave Geometry Argentina a 5th place ranking at the event – its highest performance since the agency’s founding.

Commenting on the string of wins, Geometry LATAM CEO German Yunes says, “It’s been a strong year for Geometry in Argentina. “I am very pleased with the continued recognition from our industry as we accelerate our commitment to results-driven creative solutions.”

The winning streak comes on the heels of Geometry Argentina’s Grand Prix at El Ojo de Iberoamérica for Cinemark-Hoyts’ “Robot”, the centerpiece of a comprehensive campaign unveiled early this year, along with a Gold and Bronze Effie win for Volkswagen’s “The Sand Ad”.

Hosted by the Argentine Creative Circle, the El Diente Awards recognize and distinguish the best advertising and communication ideas of Argentine companies and professionals.

Geometry wins include:


  • Volkswagen “Wine” (Print: Newspaper Ad)
  • Volkswagen “Fabric” (Print: Newspaper Campaign)
  • Volkswagen “Fabric” (Outdoor)
  • Volkswagen “Fabric” (Craft Print & Outdoor: Art Direction Campaign)
  • Volkswagen “The Sand Ad” (Outdoor: Non-Conventional)


  • Volkswagen “Cement” (Print: Newspaper Ad)
  • Volkswagen “Soy” (Print: Magazine Ad)
  • Volkswagen “Ups and Downs” (Print: Magazine Campaign)
  • Volkswagen “Soy” (Outdoor)
  • Volkswagen “Cement” (Outdoor)
  • Cinemark Hoyts “Robot” (Craft TV & Other Screens: Visual Effects)
  • Cinemark Hoyts “Robot” (Craft TV & Other Screens: Art Direction)


  • Volkswagen “The Sand Ad” (Activations Promo & PR: Big Ambient)
  • Volkswagen “Ecosystem” (Print: Newspaper Campaign)
  • Volkswagen “Ups and Downs” (Craft Print & Outdoor)
  • Volkswagen “Ups and Downs” (Craft Print & Outdoor: Photography)
  • Cinemark Hoyts “Robot” (Craft TV & Other Screens: Direction)
  • Cinemark Hoyts “Robot” (Craft TV & Other Screens: Use of Music)
  • Cinemark Hoyts “Robot” (Craft TV & Other Screens: Photography)
  • Cinemark Hoyts “Robot” (Craft TV & Other Screens: Editing)


  • Cinemark Hoyts “Robot” (TV & Other Screens: Other Screens More Than 120 Seconds)
  • Cinemark Hoyts “Robot” (Craft TV & Other Screens: Art Direction)
  • Cinemark Hoyts “Robot” (Craft TV & Other Screens: Production Values)
  • Volkswagen “The Sand Ad” (Design: Product and Packaging)
  • Osde “We want more people to take care” (Activations Promo & PR: Small Ambient)