Geometry Argentina Unveils New Campaign for KFC

“Noisy Chicken” Puts a Spotlight on the Brand’s Crispy Chicken.

Geometry Argentina has launched a new campaign for KFC, “Noisy Chicken”.

Made up of two spots – Drums (Bateria) and Balloons (Globos) – the campaign highlights the brand’s main feature – its crispy chicken.

The campaign offers a visual interpretation of the sensation that accompanies eating KFC chicken. It allows viewers to imagine the sound a mouth makes when biting into it.

"Having been in the Argentinian market for only a few years, we are always looking for new ways to highlight the difference of our product. With this campaign, we set a very ambitious challenge – to speak from the intrinsic nature of the product without focusing on flavor. Instead the focus was on another very distinctive and KFC key sensory characteristic – the crispiness of the chicken. Geometry managed to convey this in a new and clear way. They have worked with the brand from the beginning, always achieving outstanding results no matter how difficult the goal," commented Fernanda Pieruzzini, KFC Marketing Director.

“Noisy Chicken” follows on the heels of Geometry Argentina’s summer campaign for KFC, “F for Family”, which recognized the essential role of delivery workers during the pandemic.


  • Agency: Geometry Argentina
  • Client: KFC
  • CEO: Karina Aiello
  • CCO: Tony Waissmann
  • ECD: Claudio Giovanelli Zaia
  • Art Director: Joaquín Camicha
  • Copy Writer: Pablo Bugueiro
  • Group Account Director: Georgina Roccatagliata
  • Account Director: Michelle Tourón
  • Account Assistant: María Aghina
  • External Art Advisor: Ariel Abadi
  • Production House: CINCO
  • Director / Photographer: CINCO + GEMELOS
  • Model Maker: Verónica Arcodaci
  • Retoucher: Fernando Stordeur
  • General Production House: CINCO
  • Editor House: Walden Studio
  • Sound: Twins
  • Client: Fernanda Pieruzzini / María Paula Barreto