Geometry Argentina and Flybondi present: “Save your destination”

New purpose-built campaign puts a spotlight on local entrepreneurs impacted by the pandemic

Geometry Argentina presents its new campaign “Save your destination” for low-cost airliner Flybondi, supporting entrepreneurs across its local destinations.

As a result of the global pandemic, the majority of flights across the country have been grounded over the past six months. Not only have the airlines been suffering, but also all those who make the destination what it is, from craftsmen, tea houses, excursions and more. The ‘Save your destination’ campaign is 100% focused on boosting the businesses who are part of these destinations, and whom without tourists see their income threatened, by giving passengers the possibility to buy a souvenir of the place in advance.

Malena Martin, Flybondi’s Marketing Manager commented, "Save your destination is more than a campaign, it is a way of supporting the economies of our incredible destinations and having the opportunity to continue accompanying the growth of our country. Working with Geometry was a pleasure from the beginning. They are a team full of ideas and professionalism, and thanks to this effort we are able to create a program that continues supporting entrepreneurs in creative ways, something that Flybondi is committed to."

In order to make this campaign exist, Flybondi’s e-commerce platform was modified to be able to help local businesses directly at the time of purchase of the airline ticket. A 100% e-commerce and social media campaign was carried out where the only objective was to tell the stories of local entrepreneurs and help them, starting with the four most frequent destinations of Flybondi – Jujuy, Bariloche, Salta and Córdoba.

Tony Waissmann, Chief Creative Officer, Geometry Argentina, added, “Argentina is one of the only countries in the world that has not yet resumed flights. The impact of this goes beyond the aviation industry, but also all those who make a living from tourism and await your arrival with enthusiasm. The idea started as a hot sale where you could purchase in advance your tickets so that you can fly once flights resume. But the success achieved has now made this an always on program for Flybondi in a way that helps ensure the culture, beauty and wellness of the destination remain despite the crisis.”

The entrepreneurs that can currently be found on Flybondi’s online site include:

  • Tejedoras de Jujuy: Q'enqo Andean textile artisans from the Quebrada de Humahuaca that weave with different techniques (frame, foot and waist loom) using natural flame fibers and natural dyes.
  • Casita de Té de Bariloche: Bellevue Tea House, which is located in front of Lake Morenito, within the circuit that every tourist does when he is in Bariloche.
  • Mermeladas artesanales Salta: Dulces Chicoana, located 30 km. from the Capital, this family factory has seven different flavors of artisanal dulce de leche.
  • Alfajores con Fernet en Córdoba: A product declared of national interest by the Senate of the Argentine Nation made with natural fruits and the most prominent is the fernet alfajor.

With 80% of those who bought advance tickets also purchasing products, the program is now calling for new entrepreneurs. For more information, visit


  • Agency: Geometry Argentina
  • Client: Flybondi
  • CEO: Karina Aiello
  • CCO: Tony Waissmann
  • ECD: Claudio Giovanelli Zaia
  • Creative Directors: María Luján Donaire / Rodrigo Raíces
  • Art Director: Joaquín Camicha
  • Copywriter: Pablo Bugueiro
  • Production House: Walden Studio
  • Music: Twins
  • Client: Malena Martín / Natasha Anello / María Angélica Benetti