The Future of B2B: The Adaptive Business

Blue background that says: The Future of B2B, The Adaptive Business

Discover how B2B leaders can drive growth and resilience in the new business landscape and define insight-driven strategies and actions

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, but brewing for years prior, customer expectations are changing, supplier dynamics are in flux, sales organizations are set for a remix, and a wave of new technologies and data analytics tools are just waiting to assist with your competitive advantage …

If your organization can operationalize them quickly enough, that is.

The events surrounding the global pandemic have spawned a period of revolutionary change, challenging even the most hardened B2B leaders. The reality is that adapting to this change is hard, but not impossible.

Our analysis has identified lessons learned and a playbook that any leader can harness to continuously revolutionize their business for any number of challenges that come their way in the future. Those that fail to change in this new world will be left behind.

The report explores:

  • What the big opportunities for Adaptive Business are
  • New buyer and supplier expectations and behaviors 
  • How we can transform to drive growth and resilience in the new business landscape  
  • What we can learn from the actions of key players already on the journey


Formed through the upheaval and constant change of the pandemic era, businesses who focus on customer-centricity and demonstrate a unique fearlessness to partner and go to market in new ways, will find growth and opportunity above all others.

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