Flat Earthers Meet Earth Flatteners in New Campaign from RDO Equipment

Believe or not, there are still people who think the earth is flat. A movement with thousands of followers and they even have a conference. Well, RDO Equipment Co., one of John Deere’s largest construction equipment dealers, is picking up on this by actually making flat earth a reality.

This is no conspiracy laden theory. It’s RDO Equipment Co’s new campaign for their Earth Flatteners. To RDO, the John Deere dozers they sell aren’t just dozers, they’re the world’s most technologically advanced Earth Flatteners.

“When our construction customers need the right equipment to make the earth flat, we’re the guys that can make it happen,” said Ted Horan, RDO VP of Marketing & eCommerce. “Achieving a flat earth requires not only durable equipment, but precision components that can achieve the finest grades.”

The new campaign promotes the Earth Flattening benefits of John Deere dozers, loaders and graders while giving the Flat Earthers a gentle ribbing. The stars of this new campaign are equipment themselves that are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and are truly the best Earth Flatteners on the planet.

In fact, these Earth Flatteners move more earth with power and efficiency. They’re big enough to handle mass-excavation and road building tasks, yet are equally adept at fine grading and site development with their power/angle/tilt blades. Plus, specific models feature Eco Mode that reduces fuel consumption up to 20%. All of which comes in handy when you’re riding right up to the edge.

“This is definitely an attention-getting campaign that will shake up the heavy construction equipment industry in a good way,” said Horan.

The campaign features tongue firmly planted in cheek headlines and copy, as well as a non-traditional look for John Deere print, digital and broadcast advertising. It will be brought to life with RDO Equipment customers through a merchandise campaign of apparel, hats, decals and posters all featuring the Earth Flatteners, as well supported by a full 360 campaign across digital, display, print and radio and at https://www.earthflatteners.com/.

The RDO Equipment Co. Earth Flattener campaign produced by VMLY&R COMMERCE (formerly Geometry) is currently running in Texas and will be rolling out nationally in April 2021.


Advertiser: RDO Equipment, Co

  • Ted Horan, RDO VP of Marketing & eCommerce

Creative Company: VMLY&R COMMERCE

  • Manuel Borde, Global Chief Creative Officer
  • Oswaldo Sa, Regional Creative Director
  • Federico Mariani, Creative Director
  • Alberto Triana, Creative Director
  • Lucas Pimenta, Regional Motion and Content Designer
  • Melvin Strobbe, Executive Creative Director
  • Mark Wolff, Creative Director
  • Mark Thompson, ACD/Writer
  • Chris DelMonico, Production
  • Bert Smith, Account Director
  • Mike Sulik, Account Executive
  • Nanci Meyers, Executive Producer
  • Mark Miks, Director