#FeminineArabic Scores a Grand Prix at Dubai Lynx

Feminine Arabic

Twitter’s #FeminineArabic campaign has won a Grand Prix at this year’s Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity. In addition to winning the Grand Prix in the digital category, the campaign also took home a Silver and six shortlists. 

Arab women are constantly addressed with incorrect pronouns because the default grammatical form in Arab is masculine. In hopes of creating a more inclusive, equal environment, Twitter teamed up with VMLY&R COMMERCE MENA to launch #FeminineArabic, a campaign that invites users to choose the feminine Arabic form for the first time on any social platform. With a simple swipe of a button, Twitter users can use this new language feature to address Arab women properly. 

The Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity celebrates the most motivating, innovative, and inspiring work across the industry.