The Drum Beats On: VMLY&R COMMERCE Lists on the 2023 World Creative Rankings

Red background with text that reads "Creative Commerces takes the stage at The Drum World Creative Rankings 2023; VMLY&R Commerce #61"

VMLY&R Commerce, and the VMLY&R network overall, is well represented on the 2023 World Creative Rankings recently released by The Drum. The rankings chart creative performance across the advertising world by tracking how many awards a campaign secures for its client, agency and creative team. 

For the first time, VMLY&R Commerce becomes the only Commerce agency to make the list of 100 global agencies in the world ranking at #61. This comes on the heels of last year’s The Drum Awards ‘Network Agency of the Year’ recognition. (View the Drum Annual Review.)

Global Chief Creative Officer Manuel Bordé of VMLY&R Commerce climbs the list ranking at #57, with VMLY&R Global Chief Creative Officer Debbi Vandeven named one of the top four CCOs in the world. 

VMLY&R Commerce ‘Smart Fill’ campaign for Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) ranked as the #79 on the list of most-awarded creative campaigns. 

VMLY&R ranked No. 6 in the world, and WPP was honored as the No. 1 holding company.

“What a big moment for us as an agency but more importantly the industry. It validates the evolution of commerce, and the journey we’ve been on to bringing greater creativity to commerce experiences, online and offline.” Beth Ann Kaminkow, Global CEO, VMLY&R Commerce. 

View the full list of top ad agencies globally.


VMLY&R Agency and People Listings

We are thrilled to announce that six additional VMLY&R offices ranked among the Top 100 global advertising offices in the world. 

  • #22 VMLY&R New York 
  • #32 Scholz & Friends Berlin
  • #54 VMLY&R Italy 
  • #60 VMLY&R India 
  • #70 VMLY&R Brazil 
  • #70 VMLY&R Kansas City 

Other agencies, work and people recognized by the Drum included:

APAC Agencies 

  • #11 VMLY&R India 

EMEA Agencies 

  • #21 VMLY&R Italy 
  • #26 VMLY&R Commerce
  • #72 VMLY&R Johannesburg 
  • #90 VMLY&R Warsaw 

U.S. Agencies

  • #10 VMLY&R New York 
  • #20 VMLY&R Kansas City 
  • #68 VMLY&R Chicago


  • #14 I Will Always Be Me, VMLY&R New York  
  • #30 Rockin' Mamas, VMLY&R Italy 
  • #59 The Killer Pack, VMLY&R India 
  • #95 Los Santos +3°C, VMLY&R Brazil 

Chief Creative Officers

  • #23 Jason Xenopoulos, VMLY&R
  • #24 John Godsey, VMLY&R U.S.
  • #38 Wayne Best, VMLY&R U.S.
  • #40 Matthias Spaetgens, Scholz & Friends
  • #49 Allison Pierce, VMLY&R U.S. 
  • #76 Mukund Olety, VMLY&R India
  • #93 Rafael Pitanguy, VMLY&R

Executive Creative Directors

  • #29 Niraj Zaveri, VMLY&R
  • #29 Justin Ebert, VMLY&R
  • #52 McKay Hathaway, VMLY&R
  • #81 Beto Rogoski, VMLY&R Brazil

Creative Directors

  • #43 Tal Shub, VMLY&R U.S.
  • #43 Carlos Pabon, VMLY&R U.S.
  • #59 Christoph Schlossnikel, Scholz & Friends
  • #59 Olivier Nowak, Scholz & Friends

Art Directors

  • #61 Lorenzo Croci, VMLY&R Italy
  • #77 Harish Jadhav, VMLY&R India 
  • #99 Fabio Rodrigues, VMLY&R Health  


  • #32 Alannah Stritch, Scholz & Friends
  • #51 Riccardo Baita, VMLY&R Italy
  • #64 Mahesh Ambaliya, VMLY&R India
  • #69 Ipsita Barik, VMLY&R India
  • #69 Ajinkya Shindgikar, VMLY&R India
  • #78 Emily Friedman, VMLY&R U.S.