Cross-Border Social Commerce Formats Accelerate Success in Chinese Market

Shanghai, China skyline

For foreign brands doing business in China, cross-border e-commerce while not new, has long been a Red Ocean with fierce competition and high acquisition cost.

But with WeChat enabling its commerce function to evolved into various formats, a Blue Ocean of opportunities has arrived for foreign brands. In part thanks to the 85 percent penetration rate of WeChat into the Chinese online population, China has witnessed 100.6 percent CAGR in social commerce over the last five years, setting the foundation for an emerging social commerce superpower.

But the offer is vast, and brands should carefully choose the right communication format to suit their own unique proposition. The key to conversation lies in the art of thoughtfully weaving affiliated marketing into social commerce, taking up many forms, such as: official account, Mini Program, short format video, reviews, KOLs, KOCs, live-streaming, and community.

- Justin Teo is Chief Digital Officer at Geometry China.