Commerce in the Time of COVID-19 (Part II)

geometry covid

COVID-19 continues to cause disruption across the marketing ecosystem; mirroring the changes taking place along the consumer experience journey. This is forcing unprecedented action from marketers, brands and retailers to pivot in step with the evolving behaviors and expectations of society. Things that were previously delayed until capital investment and business plans were in place, are now being created at hyper-speed. With media content consumption nearly doubling in the U.S. recently and e-commerce surpassing upper growth projections, now is the time for those of us in the business of retail and commerce to ensure we are positioned to meet, match and exceed consumer needs.

There is little doubt that consumers worldwide are currently juggling a new set of responsibilities as they adjust to their changing routines and seek whatever means possible to stay (and feel!) connected. Some brands have been quick to pull previously scheduled ads or postpone campaigns that tonally don’t fit with the current environment and consumer mindset. Others are showing up with unprecedented creativity as they find unique ways to remain relevant to consumers. Those capable of quickly leveraging the rapidly evolving infrastructure of digital commerce and delivery are moving to the frontlines with consumers and playing their part in keeping our economy going.

In Part Two of our Creative Commerce trends series, Geometry looks at the five ways marketers and brands are reimagining existing channels and business models to maintain positive relationships with consumers during this time. 

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