Commerce in the Time of the COVID-19 Crisis


Like everyone, we've been absorbing the news and commentary that surrounds COVID-19 coverage and reaction. Once of the recurring themes is the massive impact this pandemic is having on commerce. The role of commerce in our lives was already becoming omni-present. Now it is an essential part of our protection and survival, and one of a few public freedoms we still have: supermarket and pharmacy trips, and of course, online buying.

As students and practitioners of commerce this is providing a unique window into how consumer behavior is being reshaped. We could never have predicted that it would take a global pandemic to further accelerate adoption of ecommerce, on demand delivery, and many other trends that will define the future of retail.

Many retailers are experiencing a surge in their business while others are being forced to shut their doors for good. Brands are responding quickly to shift their tone and approach to address the sensitivities experienced by consumers faced with the unprecedented.

Click here to read the five trends we've seen marketers embrace as they race to support businesses and consumers faced with the uncertainty of what this new reality means.