Colombia Raise Awareness About Animal Care

Billboards displaying an elephant

Air pollution in cities is a worldwide problem, causing millions of premature deaths globally, according to figures from the World Health Organization. In Bogotá, Colombia, the situation is not much more encouraging, with it being the second worst city for air quality in the country as indicated on a report by iQAir, a Swiss company specializing in air quality technology.

Vanti, a company dedicated to the commercialization of natural gas and sustainable solutions, partnered together with VMLY&R Commerce Colombia to make people aware of the effect air pollution has on animals and what they can do to help alleviate the issue.

For several years, Colombians have seen animal species on billboard dotting the Colombian landscape with the message "Do you see me?"

In recognition of World Earth Day, these same billboards where switched up to draw attention to the air pollution crisis.  Almost overnight, animals such as elephants, giraffes, butterflies, and owls, completely disappeared from the billboards – a lightning operation involving Spark media agency and Azur production company.

Shining a light on the need to care for these animals, the new billboards – without animals – displayed warning messages: "Don't You See It Already!  If we keep polluting, we won't see them again! Switch to Vehicular Natural Gas with Vanti."

The billboards invited Colombians to switch to Vehicular Natural Gas which in 2022 alone, prevented the emission of more than 148 thousand tons of carbon dioxide – a sustainable mobility solution that seeks to counteract air pollution.

The billboards and digital advertising campaign are part of Vanti's larger "Avanzar is breathing new air" campaign, also created and executed by VMLY&R Commerce Colombia.