Colgate Launches Experiential Platform, Colgate Ultra Soft Club, in Brazil

Ad for Colgate Ultra Soft campaign

Colgate has launched the Colgate Ultra Soft Club, an experiential platform bringing together entertainment, well-being and cooking content in a single location in an effort to more fully connect consumers’ lifestyles and offer free at-home activities. 

The platform will cover three areas:

  • Entertainment:  In the editorial Curtição, insiders can find topics covering pop culture, movies, games and music.
  • Well-Being:  In the Well-Being channel (Bem-Estar, in the platform), insiders will find topics covering health, body and mind.
  • Cooking:  In Cooking, (Culinária, in the platform) chefs will demystify the kitchen for beginners, while also offering special tips for those who have mastered the subject, with quick and delicious recipes. 

The content will be curated by specialists, along with social media and micro influencers – Lore Improta, Arielle Macedo, Raul Lemos, Pequena Lo, among others.

Registration for the Ultra Soft Club platform is free.

The initiative is part of the Colgate Ultra Soft toothbrush marketing campaign, which highlights products for those looking for an effective and delicate cleaning for teeth and gums.