Colgate Commitment Brush Unveiled for Valentine's Day

Colgate Luminous White toothpaste with new Colgate Commitment Brush

As part of the new Colgate Luminous White Lovers toothpaste launch, VMLY&R COMMERCE Argentina has unveiled a new campaign in time for Valentine's Day.  Using select influencers, 10 luxury toothbrushes will be raffled off on Valentine's Day through the brand's Instagram account.

In budding relationships, leaving your toothbrush at a new partner's home is a milestone.  While seemingly a small and insignificant moment, when it comes to love and relationships, it actually is a huge step, signifying exclusivity within the relationship.

"Every day brands give more importance to special dates, but we believe there is not always a need to do so.  Only when there is a clear role between the brand and the date  when we can make a difference in our relationship with people, giving them a truly memorable experience  is it worthwhile.  The Colgate Commitment Brush is an example of this, as the brand becomes an accomplice to lovers, with a very clear role that allows them to take ownership of this beautiful moment in a relationship," says Gastón Potasz and Claudio Giovanelli Zaia, ECDs at VMLY&R COMMERCE Argentina.

The campaign was disseminated through three influencers  Jero Freixas, Sol Rivas and Meme Castro  who unveiled it via their Instagram accounts, inviting their followers to participate in the raffle.

The 10 tooth brushes used in the raffle were made entirely by hand by goldsmith Nathalia Peralta, from the BeCrude brand  potentially a new symbol moving forward for those who want to take a step forward in their relationship.


  • Agency: VMLY&R COMMERCE Argentina
  • Advertiser: Colgate-Palmolive
  • Product: Colgate Luminous White Lovers
  • CEO Engagement Brush: Karina Aiello
  • ECD: Gastón Potasz, Claudio Giovanelli Zaia
  • DC: Nicolás Corvino, Federico Ientileza
  • Account Director: Macarena Mercau
  • Planner: Dardo Mamberti
  • Production Director: Mariel Marangoni
  • Producer: Eleven Films
  • Executive Producer: Matias Moreno
  • Director: Celeste Lois
  • Producer: Carla Castro
  • Photographer: Jerónimo Rajzak
  • Music: Estudio La Máquina
  • Responsible for each client: Dolores Echarri, OC Group Brand Manager Argentina, Rosario Barrera, Brand Manager, TP Oral Care Argentina