Coca-Cola and McDonald’s Unveil Non-Fungible Smiles

People smiling with McDonalds and Coca-Cola logos on their mouths

Following last year’s successful Happy Pay campaign, Geometry Colombia (a VMLY&R COMMERCE company) has unveiled its latest project in the long-term assignment for Coca-Cola and McDonald’s – Non-Fungible Smiles.  This first NFT built entirely from people’s smiles is a unique and unrepeatable token certified through blockchain, the same technology used in cryptocurrency.  The culmination of this project will see the creation of an ongoing art display. 

“Every day more and more brands are entering the Metaverse.  Our ongoing partnership with McDonald’s and Coca-Cola was the perfect opportunity to open both brands to this world, while simultaneously highlighting Colombia’s ranking as the happiest country in the world by Gallup International,” said Leonardo Gómez, General Creative Director, Geometry Colombia.  “The output – a unique piece of digital artwork built entirely on Colombians’ smiles – allowed us to not only build this NFT, but ultimately monetize its value into cryptos and donate that to charity.  It just seemed like a win-win situation for all involved and the perfect way to follow up last year’s Happy Pay campaign.” 

This long-term partnership was initially launched late last year with Happy Pay, a campaign that allowed customers to pay for food and drink with just a smile at the launch of the new McDonald’s Flagship store in Bogotá.   

Both campaigns build on Colombia’s first place ranking in the GIA Happiness Index, which annually ranks the happiest countries globally.