Clínica del Country Redefines Cancer

Bald woman with tattoo on side of head

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the number of cancer cases in the Americas will increase to six million in the next 15 years. However, early detection and appropriate treatment can combat this disease.

For this reason, and with the intention of reducing this figure, VMLY&R Commerce Colombia and Clínica del Country, a company with more than 60 years of experience in the health area, are working to change the perception of a disease that, for years, has been seen as 'evil'.

'Understanding Cancer Saves Lives' (Entender el cáncer salva vidas) is a campaign that invites us to see this pathology from another point of view, one in which personal empowerment, family unity and empathy take centre stage. 

The initiative, which launched on World Cancer Day (4th of February), is still in development; one of its objectives is to raise awareness of the importance of knowing the symptoms and attending regular medical check-ups, preventing this disease through education; thus, little by little, opening the discussion on the way people understand cancer in order to include the word 'life' among its synonyms.