Businesses Need to Wake Up the Hunter


Within a matter of days, normalcy as we knew it dissolved as a pandemic swept across the globe. What emerged in the days and weeks after was a ‘hunter’ mentality. Each of us was looking for ways to identify solutions for the new routines of our lives. On the individual level we were hunting for supplies, facing new routines and schedules; on the agency level we were hunting for new ways to connect with consumers in this quickly changing world. At Geometry, this hunger was speared on by Living CommerceTM, a platform created to connect talent to any solution.

At the dawn of time, hunters were prolific. What we learned from them though was the volatility inherent in it. It is unpredictable and quickly changing. Like generations past, we are again living in a hunting period. With the constant influx of online information filling every corner of our minds, our brains have become saturated with information. This new virtual life has left many of us falling behind.

As this new way of life goes on and the economic wheel continues to turn, what does this mean to organizations in terms of both the physical and digital space? How do we cope with the constant influx of information and the need to be hunters for what we are seeking? How do we offer solutions to our clients in these volatile times?

At the forefront, we must remain agile – quickly able to design solutions for these new moments of transaction that are found among new routines. But where do we start? Believe it or not, there is a methodological approach to achieving this, even amongst the madness of our new reality.

Avoid paralysis by NOT overanalyzing

In times of upheaval, nervousness or simply an aversion to loss can lead us to overfeed our brains with a multitude of data. Artificial Intelligence experts remind us of the inherent challenge in trying to teach a machine to stop. The same can be said for both people and organizations. In a time where the clock seems to be ticking by quickly and actions were needed yesterday, we need to ensure that too extensive of an analysis does not hold us back. 

Replace numbers with faces

Collaborating with real users – instead of looking at them as numbers – allows a better understanding of their routines and perspectives. This open line of communication makes them participants in early ideas and prototypes. And while this will not magically bring innovation to the table, it is a first step in that direction.

Divide problems across talent

While gathering the best talent is important, it is only a first step. Beyond that we must divide and conquer. We need to ensure that problems are divided up among team members to ensure they are not inundated. The return on this division – invaluable insights from many.

All tools in a single location

Without even knowing it, Geometry began preparing for today’s environment over a year ago. With new global leadership and the unification of technological developments across the Geometry network, today our Living CommerceTM platform is ready to face the new hunting world.

With this new way of working, Geometry has immediate access to data, a collection of global case studies, and collaboration space that removes the barriers between us. We find ourselves in a collaboratively efficient space, where agile creativity can emerge at the service of our clients’ commercial objectives. The leadership of German Yunez, Juan Jose Posada, and dozens of talents has been crucial in this path.

Little by little this will be the accelerator to our position as WPP’s Creative Commerce agency.

A living platform which evolves to continue to keep us one step ahead of the industry, and becomes core to the spirit of Brave New Geometry. 

In this new age where the value of each square meter increased due to social distance, and the rush of people to remote commercial spaces drove new needs and behaviors, it is time to start agilely enabling economic recovery. It is time to ‘hunt’ for new behaviors out there, and innovative and effective solutions that will shape and guide our survival – ‘reimaging’ the creative potential of Commerce.

- Omar Romero is Chief Strategy Officer at Geometry LATAM

Download the PDF here.