Boots Opens Its Doors to First of Its Kind Experiential ‘Bootiques’ in London


Boots has launched a unique Christmas campaign that not only talks the talk through its tv, print and digital campaign, but also walks the walk by bringing it to life for consumers.

Boots ‘Gift Like You Get Them’ campaign demonstrates how all kinds of gifting dilemmas are solved through multiple Boots ‘Bootiques’; each one specializes in a category of products in Boots that solve the perpetual problem of finding the right gift for all the different people in your life.

The idea of the Bootiques is to help consumers realise, then re-appraise how Boots can be top of their ‘go to’ places to find the right gift.

The first of three Bootiques to open is named “The What To Buy The Person You’re Heels Over Head With Bootique”. It opened its doors on 20th November on Greek Street in Central London, UK. Open for just one week, visitors are invited turn their love life upside down and walk into the world of romance and passion. Since the name is ‘Heels over Head’ not ‘Head over Heels’, the store is designed that way too.

The whole shop is an upside-down bedroom, defying gravity and complete with upside down bed, dressing table, fireplace and Christmas tree. It even has an upside-down cabinets and chandelier that doubles as a product display - packed with product collections curated specifically for the Bootique.

This experiential Bootique was the first in a series of curated pop-ups to appear across the UK. It was followed by two more Bootique’s opening in Birmingham and Liverpool in early December, the first on the theme of sleep and the second designed for 'tweenagers'. 

The 'What to buy the person dreaming of sleep' Bootique arrived in Liverpool as two giant biodomes in the shape of sleepy eyes. Visitors could relax on cloud pillows and listen to sleep-inducing tales, then start their shop next door under a starry night sky, filled with inspiring gifts to help people sleep. The Bootiques are located where the data tells us they are needed most. For example, over 50% of people in Liverpool say they don't get enough sleep.

The third Bootique opened in Birmingham (which is a city that over-indexes in this age group) in mid-December. The 'What to buy the moody tweenager formerly known as your little angel' Bootique was a riot of colour and emoticons, instagrammable rainbow shop with everything your tween could possibly desire. 

Geometry UK has created the Bootiques working as part of WPP’s Team WBA, the inter-agency team for Walgreen Boots Alliance. Geometry has developed the concept of each of the Bootiques, designed the unique interiors, the customer experiences, and the gift bundles for people to buy– a true creative commerce activation!