Amazon Prime Day 2023

Green background with text that reads "VMLY&R Commerce: Amazon Prime Day 2023: A snapshot of the biggest sales event ever from the world's second biggest retailer"

Effectively a “Black Friday in July", Amazon Prime Day is the biggest sales event ever run, exclusively for Amazon Prime members. As the world's second largest retailer behind Walmart, Amazon's size and influence has created a new marker in the annual shopping calendar. And for Amazon itself, the event generates a significant sales spike, provides proof of value for existing Prime Members, and critically drives member acquisition.

Read on as VMLY&R Commerce tracks the Prime Day results, providing key stats, takeaways, and trends from this two-day event globally. Note: the data is primarily from the US unless otherwise stated.

You may also explore expert analysis from around the planet on Prime Day 2023 – including VMLY&R Commerce's Global Ecommerce expert James Galland, UK’s Michelle Whelan, US’ Megan Hoppenjans, Asia’s Hari Ramanathan and Nick Pan, hosted by VMLY&R Commerce's Jon Bird and BAV’s David Roth – in this Amazon Prime webinar.