Person using VR headset

Contactless shopping experiences, e-commerce options such as home delivery orders left at front doors and curbside pickup gave consumers rattled by COVID-19 a sense of comfort from home. As a result, online ordering surged during the pandemic and is poised to remain a major shopping method, due to its anytime convenience. People no longer ‘go shopping’ and the traditional purchase funnel has been irrevocably disrupted. Every interaction is an opportunity to guide a consumer towards a sale but equally they are looking to be engaged and entertained along the way. 

Brian Cornell, CEO of Target stressed the importance of creative commerce “agility, flexibility, adaptability [will be] as important as ever as we enter 2022” to keep up with the consumer.

Implications: The hybridization of retail – delivering retail experiences to the customer where they are, be it in a physical or digital space – and the technology and human capital needed to deliver will be the key to winning in 2022.