Chelly Megale

Head of People and Culture

Chelly drives the People Team alongside Nick Walsh, focusing on the wellbeing of our people, providing the support they need.  With over 14 years of experience in project management, she has worked across five different countries all within Geometry offices.  With a passion for people and culture, she originally began assisting with People Team initiatives before moving full-time to Human Resources last year.

She has what she calls the Triple C: colour, culture and competence.

  • Colour: Being Brazilian, she has the happiness gene – always thinking positively and seeing the good side of everything.
  • Culture: Having lived in five countries, she adapts well to different environments, culture and accents. The diversity in Dubai is one of the things that amazes her.
  • Competence: She’s confident to say she’s committed to deliver the best of what’s been assigned to her.

A Harry Potter fan, Chelly wishes Harry, Ron and Hermione were part of her team. She also loves to cook, surf and read during her spare time.

  • Chelly Megale